Meet Bill Wheelen

I come from humble beginnings or what today is called “disadvantaged”.

My dad grew up in an orphanage. He left school in the sixth grade. He worked 2 jobs all his life to put food on the table, but sometimes there wasn’t enough.

I was hired as a janitor at a financial firm. I saw this job as an opportunity and not a disadvantage. I worked my way up from maintenance worker to equity trader.

I am a living example of the American Dream.

I was taught that we stand for the flag, and honor America for what it has given to us. And always respect our military and police.

I will fight for school choice, parental rights, energy independence, securing our borders, and religious freedom.

If you want the equivalent of a Walmart Greeter politician, shaking hands, smiling, and promising you the world, I'm not your guy.


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A little about me

I fought my way against all odds from poverty to success. I was hired as a janitor and became a successful Wall Street Equity Trader. 

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Activism & Leadership

The PBC Republican Party bestowed me with its highest honor, The Jean Pipes Award for Volunteer Service. In attendance at the event were Pres. Trump, Gov. DeSantis, Sen. Scott, Sen Rubio, AG Ashley Moody, Rep Brian Mast and and many other dignitaries.

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Endorsements & Relationships

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How will we Save The American Dream?


Parental Rights

Parents know what is most beneficial for their children’s safety, health, and well-being. 

Religious Freedom

There is no place in America for Anti-Semitism and religious intolerance.


I will sponsor legislation to reverse the crushing trend of high prices.

Protecting Americans

I will fight to return security to our border and safety to our country. 

Environmental Protection

I will fight for federal funding to clean up Lake Okeechobee and The Everglades.

Energy Independence

Clean, inexpensive, and abundant energy is already accessible and available in the USA.


The American Dream is under attack from within.

Career politicians and elitists like Lois Frankel and Joe Biden are willing to sacrifice our cherished American principles for power. They seek to control every aspect of our lives.

“Arm-chair” Republicans are running for office because they believe a Red Wave is coming. Never having taken any meaningful grassroots action before running, these opportunists do not have any real intent or ability to fight for We The People.

I worked hard to achieve my American Dream. I will not sit idly by and watch the American Dream die.




Bill Wheelen

The only candidate who can and will make a difference

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Bill Wheelen

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